Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fabulous ForePlay-The art of Sex Games and foreplay

Enjoy More Creative Foreplay & Sexplay Today!

Increase both the Quantity & Quality of ...

... Your Intimate Play Time!

Sexual intimacy is a critical component of a healthy, loving relationship. But how do you keep the intimate times together with your lover fresh, exciting and fun? How do you continue to make sex wild, hot and intensely passionate so that you both want to spend more time together?

Do You Deserve More Foreplay & More Pleasure?

Frisky Foreplay is an exciting erotic dice game for couples designed to:

  • Provide a fun way to randomly introduce hot new ideas into your bedroom
  • Encourage each other to try or retry intimate foreplay ideas in new combinations
  • Discover pleasure possibilities you never knew you would like or secretly desired
  • Stimulate erotic thoughts and discussions about more risque activities - see where they lead
  • Facilitate creative exploration of secret fantasies you may feel uncomfortable initiating
  • Provide a "safe & sensitive" way to decline activities you are not yet comfortable with
  • Help you increase the Fun, Joy, Happiness and Pleasure in your lives together!

The game includes over 200 quick & easy foreplay activities for each of you. Use them to trigger your erotic imagination and add your own personal pleasuring touch. All the creative foreplay ideas can be used on their own or in combination to add extra spice to your every day lovemaking.

Ensure you get Lucky tonight.
Get Frisky and play with the one you Love.

Frisky Foreplay is about creative sensual intimacy – sex is definitely on the menu. As you play the game, Tease & Tantalize each other but resist the urge to go all the way until someone wins. Each foreplay activity encourages you to try new techniques, rarely used positions, unique accessories or even favorite toys in creative new ways. Take the chance to explore for new erogenous zones and devise new ways to stimulate your favorites. Inspire each other to go beyond the ordinary – make your adult playtime extra special.

"We barely made it to the third level before ripping off each other's clothes and having a steamy session of passionate sex. This game gets more than the creative juices flowing!"
Ty M. New York, NY

"This game was really exciting and naughty. It was hard at times to continue playing, as the game gets you so excited you want to stop and jump your partner. Definitely enhanced the fun and friskiness to our relationship and it increased our appetite for each other! It got my knickers in a twist ... in a good way."
Stacy S, Ireland

Here are just a few other ways you can use the Frisky Foreplay ideas:

  • Attempt to have "Sex All Night Long" without fear of running out of ideas: intercourse can last only so long.
  • Creatively use a few random or carefully selected ideas each night you make love - keep your passion alive.
  • Add excitement to regular games using the Frisky Foreplay ideas as forfeits or spice up other foreplay games with fresh new activities.
  • While watching TV together, quickly find something to do with each other during commercial breaks.

Remember, prolonged foreplay is essential to improving your overall lovemaking experience. Extended pleasuring is one of the best ways to dramatically intensify your orgasm(s).

I am so confident that you will absolutely enjoy Frisky Foreplay with your lover, that it comes with a NO RISK 100% money-back guarantee. If, within 56 days (8 weeks), you are unsatisfied for any reason, send it back for a full refund. You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying it out right now.

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